Microcontrollers and C programming language (Part 1) set up

3 minute read

I was taking the edx class on data structures and algorithms, but they won’t let me use their checker unless I upgrade to get a certificate for like 150 dollars. I think i could pay for one, but that is kind of expensive just for like a 4th of an algorithms class. I may come back to it cause I want to use C++ for stuff, but I think I am going to pass for right now.

I think secretly I always kind of wanted to be an electrical engineer. I was always excited when it was time to talk about electricity and magnetism in physics class. So i wanted to get into iot (Internet of Things). Udemy has a class about Microcontrollers and C programming language . Which i think i am going to do. I think I have all the parts I even got the MSP430 Launchpad Development kit with a microcontroller

pic one

pic 2 with usb cable

Right now i am waiting for T.I. ide to download so i can get started. (I think at least 20 percent of starting a project is just setting up and waiting for files to finish downloading)